Chateau La Martinette

Château La Martinette’s new cellars are in keeping with its remarkable history and the beauty of its terroir!

A new cellar

"Several factors led to the construction of the new cellars. Firstly, we wanted to ensure that the production facilities at La Martinette reflected the splendour of its past whilst also drawing attention to our magnificent Provence limestone terroir. The building is split into three levels to symbolise the domaine’s three distinct landscapes: the cool Argens lowlands and lush meadows, the vineyard plateau composed of red clay and marl and, lastly, the mineral hillside formed of hard limestone slabs and arid garrigue scrubland. The multi-level structure of the building allows us, amongst other things, to vinify using a gravity system. Thanks to the layout of the building, the cellars now overlook the vineyards and its numerous terraces promising visitors a unique and authentic experience." explains Guillaume Harant, Managing Director at Château La Martinette.

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